About the Recipe Thieves

Sometimes you’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do.

We are thieves.  We are Bonnie and Clydes…  Robin Hoods…  Winona Ryders.

We are a SCD family that takes from the rich like Ina and Giada and gives to the poor – well, at least to ourselves and our guests.

What we do: we steal already fab recipes and combine them to create wonderful SCD masterpieces for all to enjoy.  Some, quite frankly, will be the bomb, and some will be a bomb.

Dang. We promise to warn you.

We also LOVE to take other SCDers already created genius and delish dishes for ourselves and post them with due credit.  Really what you’ll get from us Recipe Thieves: Stolen recipes, combo recipes, and who knows… maybe an original or two?

We’ve been a SCD family since June 2011, when Jordan (Hubs) and his Crohn’s disease bravely took on the challenge, and by George, it’s been great! Lauren (the Ball and Chain) loves to cook with Hubs so she gets some shout outs as well!  Enjoy the feasting of your eyes and minds!

2 thoughts on “About the Recipe Thieves

  1. Thanks for being here! I am really excited to try your recipes. In only a week on scd I already feeling so much better. I was in the midst of a pretty awful flare and was just about broken down enough to consider pred again when I discovered this plan and I’m so hoping it will work for me and that I’ll stick with it.

    • This is a quite belated reply, but man we are so glad you have had enjoyed some relief with SCD! I hope you are still enjoying it! Let us know if you have discovered anything wonderful or exciting to try!

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