Probiotic Lemonade!

This recipe graciously stolen from the Food Renegade.


The Goods
juice of 12 lemons
1/2 cup honey, preferably light colored
1 cup of whey (the liquid drained off of yogurt)

The Gettin’
1.  Put all ingredients into a gallon sized container.  Top off with water (distilled might be best; we actually like the taste of ours better with tap water.)  Mix thoroughly and cover tightly with a lid.
2.  Keep at room temperature for 48 hours.
3.  Depending on how humid your climate is, some amount of yeast and/or mold could form.  Don’t worry about it – just filter the finished product through some coffee filters.
4.  Make sure to refrigerate after filtering, and enjoy!

The Take
I am someone who by and large is satisfied to drink water all the time.  Occasionally, though, I get the craving for a tart, cold lemonade.  This recipe delivers exactly what I’m looking for and has the added benefit of having beneficial live bacteria!  Should you not care about the probiotic benefit, you may omit the whey – however, the final product will be sweeter due to the absence of bacteria.

Total Time:  2 days 15 minutes
Prep –15 minutes
Cook (sitting time)
– 2 days

Yield:  1 gallon

Level: Easy