Taco Salad: Look, no forks!

This recipe inspired by Lauren’s lack of foresight and quick rush to think of dinner.


The Goods
1 lb. ground beef
3 tbsp Taco Seasoning (SCD)
16 large lettuce leaves
Cheddar Cheese
Pico de Gallo
Sliced Olives
SCD Yogurt
Salt to taste

The Gettin’
1. Cook ground beef with taco seasoning until done.
2. Take lettuce leaf and fill with seasoned meat.
3. Layer sliced cheddar cheese over meat and heat for 30 seconds in microwave to melt.
4. Top with pico and olives to taste.
5. Mix yogurt with salt and drizzle over the “taco”.
6. Lift up the lettuce leaf and enjoy!

The Take
Having the seasoning pre-made and SCD pico available at our grocery store, this made sense for a quick dinner!  I basically picked up anything that would be easy and tasty on a taco and layered it up!  It seemed like a really fancy and flavorful meal that is easy on the eyes, without a lot of fuss or clean up! All around, it was a good day.

Total Time:  15 minutes
Prep –5 minutes
– 10 minutes

Yield:  16 servings

Level: Easy

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